A Word from Kenny

When I first started insurance I didn’t fully realize the magnitude of how important being an insurance agent really was. I knew I wanted to make a difference and help people but didn’t fully grasp what that meant. Now after being in the business and having real life experiences with car accidents, house fires, and clients going through losing a loved one my perspective has come full circle. The passion I have to make sure in those instances people are able to get back to where they were before the loss is really important to me.


The ability to be there for clients in there toughest moments and make a difference in there lives is why I do what I do. From this side of the desk I see all to often people aren’t cared for like they should in those difficult times. The agent submits the claim and lets the company take it from there. Never talking to their client again unless problems arrive.  What I strive for is clients to become friends and friends to become clients so that they know if they do have a life changing event happen I am there for them, not only as their insurance agent to put things back together, but also as a friend would be in time of need. The world at times wants to take that away from us and tell us to go directly online. They say eliminate the agent, eliminate relationships, save time, and save 10%! Well when you can get great prices with a local agent and agency who actually care about people, why would you choose the alternative?

-Kenny Blank