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Turning 65

Insurance 365 was founded in April of 2015 with one specific mission in mind  for our business.  To assist the people turning 65 with all of their insurance needs.  This unique philosophy has created our agency into the place to visit when needing the helpful information.  Angela and Jay will help with all of your worries like:  Medicare, prescriptions, dental, vision and hearing plans, retirement income, mature life insurance and final expense, funeral trusts, and long term care risks.  Insurance 365 is the leader and best choice for you and your family. 


Most people cringe at the word annuity.  People have said that they hear about their mother’s annuity or Johnny at the factory water fountain said annuities are no good.  They are right?   An annuity without all of the important components and without the family objectives is a bad annuity.  Insurance 365 believes you need to work with someone who knows how an annuity can work and if it is right for your situation.  Working with a knowledgeable annuity person is the key.  Jay has worked with annuities for multiple years.  He has a vast amount of knowledge and a great amount of experience to make him a leader in this industry.  Jay knows there are good annuity products and bad products too.  Let Jay be your professional guide as you plan for your retirement years and decide if an annuity is a viable resource for your situation.  Jay strongly believes you should only work with the top rated carriers to ensure stable guarantees and work with a big, strong, safe insurance company to guarantee your dollars.   Call Jay today to review your options within an annuity product.   In Jay’s perspective, working with annuities and getting a plan for retirement is one of the most gratifying parts of this business.  If you have thought about retirement or have retired and you want a guaranteed paycheck give Jay a call today!

Auto, Home & Renters' Insurance

Auto, home, and renters' insurance can be simple and priced right.  Work with the Insurance 365 teamof Adrian, Kenny & Stef to get you the best price in the industry in minutes.   With the helpful advice on limits, deductible options and other experienced insight call today and receive your quote and bind options.   Price, expertise and a relationship of trust….what more can you want with your home and auto coverage?

Life Insurance

With so many people selling life insurance who do I believe???  Insurance 365 would suggest you look at someone who has served his clients for over 30 years with life insurance.   Jay is that guy!  Life insurance has so many options.   Term, return of premium term, whole life, universal, guaranteed universal life, annual renewable term.   Jay has worked with thousands of carriers over the years and delivered on so many promises financially when that unexpected death happens.  Losing a loved one is the most difficult time in someone’s life.  Life insurance is the only product in the industry that guarantees a claim and this is taken very seriously at Insurance 365.  Jay believes that Life Insurance is unique for each chapter in a person’s life.  Maybe you are a young adult with a young family and a mortgage, or you are a middle aged adult with no house payment or a small house payment, or you are an older adult who is concerned about being a burden for their kids and want to have a plan…. Insurance 365 will provide you with a personal, high quality discussion of what your needs are and provide you with the education on how to provide the best coverage for your family.  Insurance 365 will deliver a personal annual review with you to ensure you have what your family deserves.  Life Insurance is personal and Insurance 365 will make it the best possible personal experience for you!

Retirement Income Planning

Do you want to retire in 5 years, today or have you already retired and now wonder how long the money will last.  At Insurance 365, you have the ability to talk with an expert and get a plan on retirement income suited just for your needs.  Income is the single, biggest, worry for people in their retirement years.  Insurance 365 will put your retirement plan into action and review  your plan annually to make sure you stay on course.

Medicare Supplements

Where do you begin with the process of learning your new health care options when retiring or turning 65?  Medicare has so many forms, links, websites, payment systems that a person can become overwhelmed within minutes.  Insurance 365 will guide you thru the process.  Insurance 365 is the best resource in the area when needing expert advice and personal attention to your situation.  People receive constant mailings & countless calls from people—often from a cubicle 4 states away, with no personal guidance.  Insurance 365 will provide you with the confidence and the knowledge you deserve to have within your plan.  Monthly seminars can be attended at your convenience, zoom meetings or just a casual conversation in person or on the phone will give you the personal relationship you deserve and the price that fits your budget.  Set an appointment to visit with Angela today and save money while getting the best carriers in the industry.

Local Professionals

Here at Insurance 365 we make sure you work with an in-person representative who has your best interest in mind.   Insurance products should be personal, professional and handled by people with high standards and character.  Everyone at Insurance 365 has their specific areas of expertise.  The representatives have a personal interest in making your experience the best in the industry.  Angela is the most sincere, patient and knowledgeable person on senior health care products.  Adrian is the efficient office manager who keeps the customer transactions/requests in a prompt order with a personal touch of execution.   Sara and Kenny head up the dynamic team of car, home and renters insurance.  They will make your insurance experience real, personal, educational and enjoyable.  Insurance 365 has over 30 carriers.  Sara and Kenny will provide you with a personal guide to fit your insurance need and offer you the best price to fit that need.  Jay brings multiple years of insurance and investment experience. His primary focus is long term care, life insurance and retirement income planning.  Jay is constantly working to better his education and understand the most up to date certifications.  Jay sets high standards when developing relationships with his clients.  Jay has made Insurance 365 the best in the area for retirement planning.

Long Term Care Insurance

The area where most customers know they should talk to someone but fear being sold something they don’t need. Long term care has really become a passion for Jay. Each year, he works with hundreds of people and organizations to teach the facts of the industry. Most people fear the “price” of the insurance contracts but know little about the risk. Jay is excellent in communicating and educating the customer on Long Term Care products. He believes a key component is to look at the industry product instead of what some agent may have/have not told you was available. Jay also believes strongly in the fact that the customer should work with their kids and have them become part of the solution. Most people will spend 15-20 years paying premiums with rate increases. Jay will be there for the customer and their family to ensure the understanding of how the Long Term Care Product can work for you in the best possible way. Jay works with Short Term Care, Hybrid Long Term Care and Traditional Long Term Care. He has over 15 carriers to provide you the best options with the most competitive rates. Jay is passionate about providing each and every customer with the knowledge they need and the best product to fit their need.

Farm & Ranch Insurance

Insurance 365 carries contracts with the biggest and best Farm/Ranch carriers in the industry.  This means the agents at Insurance 365 can offer you the coverage you need, at the most competitive pricing.  Your operation can be very complicated with cattle, hogs, grain, pivots and equipment and other risks.   Kenny and Jay are the experts at Insurance 365.  Let Kenny and Jay take on the role of insurance leader for you and be confident in meeting your insurance need to protect yourself and your Farm/Ranch.  They can personalize the risk management meetings with your employees, conduct informative annual reviews of endorsements for chemical risk, equipment riders, etc.  Kenny and Jay can assist in answering some of the most difficult questions or engage in tough conversations, which allows you to be in a position of spending your hard earned money in ways that make sense. 

Healthcare Insurance

Insurance 365 provides health insurance

Employer does not offer health care plans or you are self-employed? 

Work with Sara, a professional, who will work on the plan to fit your needs and budget.  With every election health care changes and requirements and attention to detail are vital. Give Sara a call today.

Dental & Vision Insurance

Give Angela or Sara a call today!
Insurance 365 provides dental insurance

Travel Medical Insurance

Insurance 365 provides travel insurance

You may have great coverage in the U.S., but most of those benefits don’t extend overseas. If you need medical attention when you’re traveling, it could be difficult to find the right care—and you may have no coverage and face unexpected medical bills. Why take the chance? Contact Sara to request a quote.

Medicaid Spenddown

Do you help with a spenddown to qualify for Medicaid? Give Angela a call, she can find the right policies to meet your needs.

Insurance 365 provides travel insurance